Our Process

Crystal Brook Commercial was born from the idea that commercial borrowers need representation, too. Having Crystal Brook Commercial is like having your own personal loan officer — only better. We work with our clients to gather all of the necessary documentation for their specific request.  Once the information is received, Crystal Brook Commercial does an in-depth analysis, provides guidance, and offers recommendations on how to best structure the proposed loan.  We package the information in a way that lenders prefer, with an Executive Summary summarizing the request and a disclosure of the preferred terms and conditions of the client.

Crystal Brook Commercial has established relationships with numerous lenders – both traditional and non-traditional. Since we’ve worked with them for so long, we know exactly what types of loan opportunities they most want.  We track the lenders policies and guidelines, and we understand their requirements.  We know which lenders will be most interested in your proposed loan, so you don’t have to do the legwork. To create maximum efficiency and competition for the loan, we submit to multiple lenders simultaneously. Throughout the process, CBC manages the communications and negotiations with these lenders to get the best proposal, the first time.

With Crystal Brook Commercial, our clients have an ally and advocate who knows the commercial lending industry and can navigate the complex negotiation process on their clients’ behalf.  We analyze every proposal with respect to rate, terms, conditions and closing requirements, with the goal of negotiating the best deal for our clients.

Our unique process is designed to assist our clients in saving time, money and stress and get them the best possible rates, terms and conditions to satisfy their commercial lending needs.